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Our Services

We provide a personal solution for each and every client because we truly believe that organizational needs are not created equal!

Home & Office Organization

Increase the functionality of your favorite spaces. We will create a customized organization plan based on your preferences. We listen and we respond.

Home & Office Decorations

A comfortable home and office will have elements designed to please all of the senses. Sensory engagement is the primary way to make sense of your space. We know!

Moving & Life Transitions

Need help downsizing or making room for an aging parent? We provide help through the most important transitions in your life. Trust us to handle the stress for you!


There’s a definite art to making a house feel like a home. The goal is to make your home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. Organized homes sell faster.


We understand life gets busy and sometimes messy, so we are here to help you maintain your space through life’s  unexpected twists and turns. It’s okay to need help! Call us.


Our unpacking services reduce the stress of moving. All you have to do is show up and we will streamline the process of getting you settled in quickly!


We’re not going to say that you need us, but you might need us if you are making any big life changes. Hiring a professional organizer is an investment in your well-being. Becoming more organized creates an environment of less stress, more calm and confidence. Being tidy helps you buy less, maintain your home, and creates more time for fun stuff! At SydneyJames, we’re all about the getting to the fun stuff!

Benefits of being organized

  • Being organized saves money on shopping
  • Being organized keeps you efficient and less stressed
  • Being organized helps you remember the important things
  • Being organized saves energy by decreasing the effort it takes to maintain your home or office
  • Being organized saves brainpower – routines are everything

Location is everything

We are committed to our Charlotte and surrounding areas community, but really location doesn’t matter because we’ll come to you!