About Us


Welcome to SydneyJames Inc! My family and I are originally from Maine, but moved to Charlotte from Chicago.  I created this company to service my neighbors and all surrounding areas. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain organization through life’s transitions. Many people think that to be organized you need to be a Type A personality, but  I am living proof that this is untrue.  What I have found, is organization is necessary to have a clear mind.  I personally feel as though my anxiety can be triggered by clutter and disarray. From this realization, our tag line was born – Organized Space, Organized Life.  It is all connected! It is my mission to help you find that balance in your life.

Let’s bring organization into your life together and have the tools to stay organized!  That’s my goal for my clients.

Customer Review

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Clarissa Wolman

Tracy and her team helped me configure my family's belongings in our new home. Her organized eye really made the process seamless.

Lora Adams

I called Tracy to help organize my kitchen and office after our recent move. She did a phenomenal job. Can't wait for her to come back to tackle our basement!

Christopher Brown

SydneyJames was professional and responsive to my family's questions and requests. Would definitely recommend them!