Clutter Costs You Lots of $$$

What am I talking about, you ask?  Well, it’s simple really!  When there is clutter and chaos anywhere in your house it will cost you money.  Think about it this way.  You have an interview coming up and you want to wear your lucky blue sweater.  Where is your blue sweater?  It’s not in the washer or dryer.  It’s not folded in the pile on your dresser.  It isn’t where it is supposed to be.  You can’t find it anywhere.  So what do you do?  Well, you go out and buy another blue sweater because who has time to look for the one you cannot locate for one more minute?! Or, you are finally going to hang that artwork and you need to measure the wall.  The tape measure is not in the toolbox or on the work shelf.  Maybe it is in the junk drawer.  Impossible to find anything in there.  Guess a quick trip to the store to get a new one is all that can be done! Now, let’s make a cake to celebrate that job I got wearing that nice new blue sweater I bought.  I know I had a cake mix in here somewhere. it just isn’t where it should be.  As a matter of fact, the pantry is a mess and I am never going to find it even if it is in here.  Guess it’s time to head to the grocery store and get two cake mixes just to make sure I have one for the next time I want to make a cake too.

Do you see where I am going here?  Does this sound familiar to you?  When there is clutter, things cannot be found when you need them.  This happens in all areas of the house and will ultimately cost you money.  If you think you have something in storage like the timer for the Christmas lights, but you do not have it in an obvious spot, you will get frustrated looking for it and most likely purchase a new one.  That screwdriver, summer shoes, jacket, bike helmet, and on and on and on are all examples of things going missing in your home and being replaced out of need for it at that time and frustration from looking for it like a mad man!!!

When there is organization and systems in place that are easy for you to maintain life will be calmer.  You will have more time to enjoy what you are doing and to complete tasks you start.  You will have less frustration in your daily life and you will have more money in your wallet.  Organization and getting rid of clutter does not need to be hard or expensive. I promise you that an organized space can be achieved in every home and every office period! And oh how worth it!!!!

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