Excuse Me While I Organize

Organizing seems to be the rage right now – a trendy thing to do. For a lot of people, it will fade into the background of their lives as trends do. Unfortunate as that may be, trends come and trends go.

On the flip side, there will always be people who are naturally organized, who love the act of organizing and who have to organize to maintain minimal stress! In which category do you fall? I fall in the have to category!! If I am crazy busy and let things slide, it affects me mentally and enhances my levels of stress and anxiety. I know I’m not the only one. It is a known fact that when your space is messy or cluttered, your brain, body, and heart will follow to some degree. I am not talking about some dust or a pile of laundry – I am talking about piles of stuff, crammed pantries, messy closets and garages in which you can’t park. It is truly amazing how getting your things in order will free up your thoughts, open your heart and lessen your stress levels.

Organization is vital to my happiness! How about you? Do you need some help in this area? Stay tuned for some tips and follow me on social media. I would love to help!

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