But Is It Pinterest Worthy?!

Is it Pinterest worthy is a question many of us have asked ourselves either consciously or in some form. I mean, why doesn’t my closet look like that? Why didn’t my recipe come out the same way? That is exactly the hair color I asked for but why doesn’t it look like hers?! Does this sound familiar? I hope not, but I am going to guess that it does happen, and I am here to ask you to please stop. Today is about real organization and Pinterest organization. Sorry to say that I can’t help with the hair issue or the recipe, but I can help you get organized!

When it comes to organization, the first thing to accept is that you have to go with what you’ve got. Having closets the size of a master bedroom or a mud room that sleeps six would be amazing BUT remember, I am talking about REAL organizing today. Most of us have normal size closets. If we are lucky, they are walk ins and our mud room doesn’t even sleep one. Heck, lots of us don’t even have one. With that being said, you can still have an organized home and make everything look nice when you have the right vision. The most important thing is that the systems you put in place work for you. You could have the quaintest mud room on the planet BUT if there isn’t an easy place to hang coats or put your shoes it will not stay organized therefore, it will become cluttered and unorganized easily.

So first and foremost, before you tackle any project for organizing, just worry about the systems you will use. Shelves, containers, over-the-door storage, and hooks to name a few. Assess what is going to be done daily in that area and what will be kept there. Get rid of anything that is not necessary to have in that space. Before you buy containers or shelves, make sure they are the right size for your space and for what you will be storing on/in them. If you are using existing shelves, baskets or furniture, only use what fits in or on these things so they are easily accessible. This is so important. Everything should be easy to get to, to put back and to see.

When all of the organizing is done, then add some nice touches that make you love that space even more. Just make sure the decor does not interfere with the functionality of the space. 

If you need help with organization, SydneyJames is always here to help.


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